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You’ll never guess what the Capitals’ John Erskine got you for Christmas on cyber Monday, and he’ll never tell!

It would ruin the surprise!

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Toothless in LA

Last night’s #1 Pic is this doozey brought to us by veteran D-man Ethan Moreau.  Only in hockey do you see respected professional athletes look like the tallest dang Ozark hill folk’ you ev’r dun seen.  Although he looks a little like a Vietnam veteran, the 16 year NHL’er Moreau scored his 147th goal last night, reportedly, for his “Pa”.

I scored a goal, Pa!

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Let's. Get. Biz-zay.

Hey there rink rats and hockey varmints! All you non-readers/audio-enthusiasts out there can rest easy because TB&theHDz are hard at work (scheduling) a new podcast. I’ve got a ‘buy beer’ schedule-reminder on my phone for Thursday nite, so shit’s basically getting pretty real. We wanna rap about*:

Looks like its back to the Supertramp cover band for Bruce Boudreau

-Some coaches getting fired and other coaches being hired;

-Hockey teams being cool/not cool;

-Hockey definitely being cool;

-Moonpie and Huskey’s upcoming trip to the Pens/Flyers tilt;

-A special surprise guest call-in;

-Who’s got the edge to win our first-annual Dick Proenneke Most Bad-Ass Hockey Player Award for Excellence in the Field of Outstanding Ice-Hockey Performance (the DPMBAHPAfEitFoIHP);

-What the DPMBAHPAfEitFoIHP award statuette should look like (my guess: an old axe?);

-And we respond to your emails/conspiracy theories/threats/demands.

Email us at tboneandthehockeydoggz(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment here if you want your dirty hockey laundry aired out on the blog-o-sphere (which you should do, because that junk can reek; three words: old corn flakes) or if you just want to impress the hell out of in-laws, co-workers, and fellow mass-transit-users by having your name mentioned on our fucking podcasthellyeah.

Look for this bad, bad, bad boy to make its way to the world wide web by… this weekend? Anyhow, it’ll be done in time for Christmas and makes a great stocking stuffer!

*Rapping topics subject to change without notice.

‘S[p]itty’ Night for Ducks

This shot from last night’s Anaheim Ducks’ 5-2 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs show’s Jonas Hiller in all his Movember Mo-glory.  Get your fill of this look while you can because Movember is nearly over! The mask is awesome and his ‘stache is…well, I have no room to talk about other people’s flavor savers.  Looks like Hiller is getting ready for next month’s observance of “Spit-cember”.

It's even weirder when you realize the water is going into his mouth.

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I Watched it so you don’t have to!

Like any sport, hockey has its faithful as well as its fair-weather fans. Now I could go all Foxworthy on your ever-readin’ asses and delineate the subtle differences between the two species, but I think you guys know what I mean. So you may as well just go on ahead and give me a quick ‘hell yeah!’ right now so we can move along.

But, yeah, faithful and fair-weather. That’s why most stadiums have a lower- and upper-bowl set-up. People that love the

"oh, hell yeah!"

This is how it's done, boy-os.

game don’t want to see a Tampa Bay jersey customized to say ‘Greatest Grandpa’ with number 1 tucked into some relaxed-fit Lees and advocates of NHL player safety probably don’t want the faithful down near the glass…

Well, one thing a true fan of the game does is watch games, and not just when someone’s cousin’s boss ‘can’t make it to the game’. Real hockey doggz check things out even if their team isn’t playing. Or even if the teams playing aren’t that good, a hockey aficionado sticks around. But what if the, uh, Blue Jackets are playing? What then, hot shot? Continue reading

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Goal Jig

Last night against the New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers’ rookie Harry Zolnierczyk showed off his bitchin’ dance moves.  The same way a shaman would summon rain, Zolnierczyk used this tactic in the AHL to summon a goal.  Looks like it doesn’t work in the Big Leagues; the Flyers fell to the Rangers 2-0.

A dance his Gramps taught him from the old country

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Teemu Scare-lanne

There is something very, very scary on the back of Teemu Selanne’s helmet.  Jonathan Toews was asked after the game what it was and replied, “I really don’t want to talk about it.  I don’t think any of us do.”

'Oh, god!'

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Sophmore Slump?

In just his second game back, #87 for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby, seemingly forgets how to skate.  Stated ‘The Kid’ after the game, “It’s a lot harder than I remember.”

10 months is a little too much off-ice time

Jones Plays ‘Bodily Function’ Card

Here’s the #1 pic from last night’s action.  In it we see Ryan Jones #28 from the Oilers whacking Pred’s D-man Jonathon Blum’s stick.  No penalty on the play though as Jones told the ref, “I was in the middle of a sneeze!”





Buy Sid A Drink- And Get His Dog One, Too!

Game Photo

Crosby, seen here recording another goal

The NHL’s latest experiment was another huge success as Sidney Crosby’s Real Steel-style hockey robot worked like a charm, registering two goals and two assists in his return to the ice following a 10-month absence from the game. The former Hart Trophy winner/crusher of American Gold Medal Dreams had a storybook return, playing nearly 16 minutes of trademark ‘how-the-fuck-did-this-guy-get-so-good-at-hockey’-style hockey.

The NHL hoped to ease Crosby’s return by arranging a last-minute contest between the Penguins and the AHL’s New York Islanders. The whole squad was clearly excited to meet the hockey superstar, especially contest winner Anders Nilsson, who was allowed to suit up and play goalie against ‘The Kid.’

“Wow, I mean, that was cool!” Nilsson commented after the game. “I made a couple saves against him later and was all, like, ‘Wait until my friends hear about this!’ Unbelievable.”

Everyone was a fan of Crosby, both on and off the ice. “Sid was great,” said Isles coach Jack Capuano after the game. “He stuck around, signed some autographs, met all the guys. A real class act. He even gave one of our guys his stick, like as a little souvenir or something.”

Here’s a real gem for ya’ll, though: Crosby now has as many points as seven of the Islanders’ forwards who have played at least 15 games.

Private Dancer


Of course, the Pens were pretty excited to play with the Golden Child, too. The Penguins skated with plenty of tenacity and the team’s power play was certainly clicking. An ‘Embarrassment of Riches’ need not only refer to what happens when Uncle Rick drinks too much anymore, as the Pens boast a forward corps of Crosby, Malkin, Staal, the Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed James Neal, and a solid supporting cast of 20-goal chipper-inners. The defensive unit is toight like a tiger, too, and the return of Zbynek Michalek is only going to make Marc-Andre Fleury’s job easier. Geno, for one, was so excited at the post-game press conference (above) that he just couldn’t hide it.

Personally, I get a little tired of seeing Crosby as the ‘face of hockey’, and not just because it looks like his lips got stung by some bees. The dude is everywhere, but at least he’s finally back where he belongs: on the ice. And especially with arch-nemesis Ivan Drago Alex Ovechkin scoring as many points as Kyle Wellwood and someone named Craig Smith, the League of Extraordinary Hockey Gentlemen could really use a guy like Crosby to make things a little more interesting. Vegas oddmakers have the over/under on Crosby’s points total this year at 80 and his chances at another MVP at 8-1. Although Crosby and the Penguins will (probably) not be allowed to play every game against the Islanders, one gets the feeling that there are (hopefully) many more performances like this to come.

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