T-Bone and the Hockey Doggz no.2

Hello to all you T-Boners and Hockey Pups out there.  This is the most recent podcast recorded on November 8th.  In it we talk about NHL teams that suck, NHL teams that are good, and surprising teams.  There’s also a play-by-play unveiling of a 1990/91 NHL Pro Set Series II hockey card pack with a bit of a surprise in it itself!  We hope you all enjoy and please feel free to let us know if/when we are wrong and if/when we are right.

These pictures will make a lot more sense when you listen to tha podcast:


This is sure to be a wild ride

Well, at least we knew a couple of them

A couple of coaches and a ref. I know there were good players in 90/91, but where are their cards?

These four dudes are what we are aspiring to in the month of Movember.

See ya next time!


One thought on “T-Bone and the Hockey Doggz no.2

  1. Notice our sponsorship of Boxer Beer! The official beer of November 8th.

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