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Crosby Crosby Crosby Crosby Crosby

Well folks, its true.  Tonight is the first night Sidney Crosby will take the ice since his concussion and subsequent concussion-like symptoms had him sidelined since January.  This is great news for the Pens, and bad news for every other team, especially the Islanders who are first in line to face the re-vamped lineup.  Not only do the Islanders stink, but their coach is pissed at them and now they have to come into Pittsburgh and try and get a road win, something that has eluded them so far this season.  Good luck, boyos.

So what’s gonna happen? There are a few scenarios I see going down:

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OMG! Bobby Ryan Reviewed the New ‘Twilight’!

A lot of people might know Bobby Ryan as the high-scoring Anaheim Ducks winger that Teemu Selanne’s always giving Werther’s Originals to. Others, like a certain T-Bone, might think of Ryan as ‘that guy that my landlord used to rent a house to in Cherry Hill, NJ.’ Few of us in the hockey world acknowledge Ryan for his work in the field of film and literary criticism, however.

Dr. Ryan, as seen on countless dust jackets

The NHL once again proved that they really “get” their fans when they arranged for Bobby Ryan and members of the L.A. Kings to attend the gala opening of the newest Twilight movie this past Monday. Although we here at TB&theHDz are a little irked that Bobby decided to lend his reviewing talents to a rival website, the whole wide world is, undoubtedly, a much, much better place for it. Continue reading

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it’s proselytizin’ time!

I know T-Bone and the Hockey Doggz is where ya’ll turn to for the most up-to-date hockey laffs and straight-from-the-cuff insight from some of the internet’s foremost luminaries in the field of professional men’s ice hockey. Heck, that last sentence had the word ‘hockey’ in it three times by my count. So it probably comes as a bit of a surprise that I want to rap for a second about basketball (a word and concept which are appearing in this blog for the first time ever). Continue reading

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Cruisin’ For a Brui[si]n’!

After another tuff loss, Ryan Miller could have gone home early.

He could have gone home to his wife:

no fucking kidding

But he decided to stick around and call out Boston’s resident ringer of the cathedral bells, Milan Lucic, who, earlier in the game, came a-careening into Miller like Billy Joel after a couple Long Island Iced Teas. Continue reading

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T-Bone and the Hockey Doggz no.2

Hello to all you T-Boners and Hockey Pups out there.  This is the most recent podcast recorded on November 8th.  In it we talk about NHL teams that suck, NHL teams that are good, and surprising teams.  There’s also a play-by-play unveiling of a 1990/91 NHL Pro Set Series II hockey card pack with a bit of a surprise in it itself!  We hope you all enjoy and please feel free to let us know if/when we are wrong and if/when we are right.

These pictures will make a lot more sense when you listen to tha podcast:

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Happy Veterans’ Day

Veterans aren’t just people who fought in wars or the guys who give your cat medicine. Some of them are also just old farts dickin’ around at the hockey rink. Or old dicks fartin’ around sometimes, too. Whether it’s their steel-trap memories, physical dexterity, sanguine disposition, or just a still, steady set of hands offering guidance, the elderly, too, can help your favorite NHL team a-plenty. Continue reading

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Tampa’s 1-3-1 Trap

Last night in Tampa, the Flyers were in town to take on the Bolts.  After the first draw this happened:


Essentially, the Lightning have a defensive ‘trap’ set up where three dudes are on the red line, one dude is in the defensive zone, and the 5th dude is out front doing a really limp-wristed job of forchecking. Continue reading

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T-Bone and the Hockey Doggz no. 1 redux

Here’s the first podcast again, but this time it looks a lot cooler.

T-Bone and the Hockey Doggz No. 1

Tbone and the Hockey Doggz no. 1

This is what happens when T-Bone and the Hockey Doggz have the idea of talking about hockey all night, but then end up drinking a lot of 4 Loko.  It’s the first attempt at something cool.


Hello to all you T-boners and Hockey Pups out there!  You don’t know it yet but soon your dreams of hearing T-bone, Moonpie, and Huskey discuss all the events of the NHL are going to come true!  I think I just ruined the surprise…anyhow, the podcast is on the way!!

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