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2012 Here We Come!

Another year is about to end and the one that’s about to start could be our last!  Oh no!  Ok, probably not, but just in case let’s make this a good one.  I’m talkin’ to you, NHL.

Should be fun!

I’m looking forward to a great 2012 portion of this hockey season, and luckily, things are shaping up in my favor.  The first thing I’m pumped for is a little thing you might have heard about called the Winter Classic.  January 2nd should be pretty awesome because they’re going to be playing hockey outside!  In a baseball park!  And we’re going to be there! Well, outside in the parking lot…tailgating before the game.  But it is going to be awesome!  The best part is T-bone andthe Hockey Doggz are gonna share the experience with you!  But probably the next day…but so what.  Our next podcast will share insider information with you the listener that only we could get our stinky paws on.  Our polls of the fans joining us in the parking lot will ask the tough questions, such as, “Who do you want to win?”, “Are you from the area?”, “Where’s the beer?” and many, many more.  So tune in!

Because, what’s going on here?

The next big event on the NHL calendar is the All-Star game and skills competition.  Now, Huskey and I were discussing this recently and he brought up a good point, “The skills competition will be cool, I don’t really care about the All-Star game.”  At first I scoffed, but then I realized he was right.  The ASG is always pretty boring.  There’s lots of back-and-fourth, end-to-end hockey that’s pretty exciting for the fans of the game (although the pace is slowed due to all the hard partying the night before), as well as a usual plethora of goals which are fun and exciting, until you remember, “Wait, who cares?” The answer there is nobody.  There will be super-sweet 3 on 0 breakaways or a few really awesome saves by the goalie who is trying the hardest, but the ASG is bound be be a bunch of really skilled dudes making incredibly skilled passes to one another that are only happening because the d-men want to see the play pan out just as much as the fans do.  What I’m looking forward to seeing is the skills competition.  I love to see the players perform their craft unimpeded by opposing players.  They can say that Jonathan Toews is one of the premier snipers in the league and that Zdeno Chara has the hardest shot in the NHL, but I want to see them prove it.

The rest of the season is already looking like a doosey. Some of the more favored teams started off slow but things are seemingly coming together to form a vague idea of what the playoffs will look like, provided the Columbus Blue Jackets don’t go on a 30 game win streak.  Which brings me to the next big event of the season, the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  It looks like this year will bring some old faces back into the playoff picture.  Teams like Florida and Toronto in the Eastern Conference and Minnesota and St. Louis in the West are making legitimate efforts to compete for the final W of the season, or at least to get swept in the first round by Boston or Detroit.  With the way the Cup Final went last year and the way the Canucks and the Bruins are playing right now, a another Boston – Vancouver series would be the best sequel since Troll 2 .

Gary Bettman is discussing how much money to give us for naming all 4 of the new conferences right now. Map courtesy

Finally, realignment.  This is going to be the biggest story in the NHL when the ’11-’12 season comes to and end.  It’s going to change the landscape of the game, make team rivalries more heated, and give the fans a chance to see every team at least once.  Realignment is a major shake-up and I can’t wait to see how it will affect the game next year.

Happy New Yearz, y’all!


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A Freakin’ Weekend to Remember

I accidentally ate the missletoe...Woah. Last thing I remember was, I was, uh… I was… Oh man.

So, last weeks Freakin’ Weekend couldn’t happen because of Christmas. So if you ended up watching some weak-ass Boxing Day action because my steady paw wasn’t there to guide you, well, blame the Big Baby Jesus for effin’ with the perfectly-fine, regular NHL schedule.

But now we are back, with more frankincense and myrrh than you can shake a gold stick at! And this time the NHL don’t give no stinkin’ care about no stinkin’ holiday! In fact, let’s us embrace the pagan roots of the New Year’s celebration by strapping sharp blades on our shoes, equipping ourselves with clubs, and then maybe even get into a fight or two. Follow me to the otherside- see ya in hell, hockey in 2011! Continue reading

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Winnipeg Jets – Streak Killerz

During the month of November, the Boston Bruins were on what some would call a “serious tear”, decimating everyone in their path.  In 13 games they were 12-0-1 and had outscored their opponents 57-25.  After winning their first two games in December, the Bruins rolled into Winnipeg’s MTS Cent[er] on December 6th with a pretty good chance to increase the number in the W column against what once was the “Mighty Thrash”.

The MTS Cent[er] is quickly becoming one of the toughest places to play in the league for a visiting team.  At home last season the Thrashers were 17-17-7.  The Jets only need 5 more wins to meet that, and that’s just through 36 games.

Every night Bryan Little and Andrew Ladd each score a goal, this Little Lad hides a pot-o-gold in the MTS Centre

With leading scorer Tyler “Sleepy” Seguin out and Tuuka Rask making the start,the Bruins were still the definite favorite to beat the Jets to everyone outside of The Keysone Province.  However, Ondrej Pavelec saved 39 of 40 shots, Bryan Little and Andrew Ladd each had a goal, and the only goal scorer for the defending champs was Shawn Thornton.  Streak killed.

One week later on December 13th,  the league leading Minnesota Wild showed up to the MTS Cent[er] in the midst of a 7 game win streak.  It was likely that the Wild would make the Fly Boys (? Does that work? Is that already a nickname for the Flyers?) their 8th in a row.  Pavelec gave up one, saved 34, Zach Bogosian got his first and Bryan Little got another in a streak-ending 2-1 win for the Ice Mans.

Last night, the Mavericks (?  One of these will work, trust me) proved that they could not only kill long streaks at home, but they could take their act on the road.  The Colorado Avalanche came into the game last night having won 5 in a row and 8 at home.  Guess what happened…yeah, streak killed. The final score of this one was 4-1 which just proves that the Jets are getting better at this whole thing.

I can see a similarity.

Why is this happening?  What is aligned in the cosmos that makes sure teams can’t keep their streaks alive against the Airplanes (pretty good right?)?  I don’t have a clue, but I can’t wait to see if they can keep doing it.  If they can do it a few more times, they could start getting in the heads of the opposing players and streaking teams will fear the Turbines.

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Speak of the Goal

Did we call it or what?!  Just weeks after discussing what was cooler, goalie goals or goalie fights in our 4th podcast, Carolina Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward was credited with a goal last night.  The first goalie to score one since Chris Mason back in 2006, Wardo’s tally was an own goal scored by the New Jersey Devils on themselves due to a errant Ilya Kovalchuk pass.  I’m glad he got credit for the goal, I’m sure it will be the highlight of his season, but I was hoping the next goal scored by a goalie would be a ripper from just outside the crease like Evgeni Nabokov’s in 2002.  Or maybe a wicked backhander like Jose Theodore’s goal in ’01.  Eh, oh well, pipe dreams I guess.  T-bone and the Hockey Doggz were discussing reasons why we haven’t seen a shot from a goalie go in since 2002, and we came up with the trapezoid and all the other rule changes.  Must be right, right?

Here's Bryan Allen congratulating Cam Ward on his first career goal. When asked about it after the game Ward said, "It would have been a lot cooler if I had shot the puck or did something like that,". I concur Mr. Ward, I concur.

And here’s a video of all the goals scored by goalies.  It’s pretty sweet.

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T-bone and the Hockey Doggz no. 5 – More Coaches, Team Round-Up, Shootout!!

It’s been a couple-a weeks since our last P-cast but have no fear, this one is here!  Recorded last night, December

  • 22nd, at Casa de Huskey, T-bone, Moonpie, and Huskey talk about the NHL coaching changes and how that’s all worked out, we do a new segment we like to call “Team Round-Up”, and to decide the winner of the podcast there’s a gut-wrenching, awe-inspiring, dipsy-doodle of a holiday-themed shootout.  We hope you all enjoy it and as always, leave us a comment or send us an e-mail, if you can handle it.  I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean.  Here!


    If you continue to read, you can vote in our polls!!

    Continue reading

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    Two Sedins are better than one

    Sometimes hockey surprises can be unexpectedly good. Like when you’re just standing there, minding your business, and the puck glances off your well-padded leg and makes its way into the goal. ‘Hey, cool, that’s my goal!’ And that kind of stuff happens every day in rinks around the world.

    Sometimes hockey surprises are not so good. Like say you get dinged good when you’re not looking and you wake up… well, you don’t know where you woke up. That’s a bad surprise, even if your kidneys are still there.

    Every once in a while, though, you get a hockey surprise that’s not quite good and it’s not quite bad. It’s just weird.

    "Come play with us..."

    A scene from the upcoming remake of The Shining

    Like the Sedins. Continue reading

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    The Sniffing Referee

    Erik: Anyway, so then this guy comes up to me and starts feeling my jacket through his thumb and his forefinger like this.

    P.K.: So, what did you do?

    Erik: I said: “So, what do you think?”. And he said, “Polyester?”. And I said, “Yeah.” That was it.

    Carey: Wow, just felt your material?

    Erik: Yeah…Steve Kozari.

    P.K.: Sounds like a cool guy.

    Carey: Sounds like a jerk. Felt your material, come on.

    Cunneyworth:Who goes around feeling people's material? What can be gained feeling a person's material? It's insanity!

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    If you recall, last month Jonas Hiller was riding out the awesomeness that is Movember and getting us prepped and ready for Spit-cember.  In a 4-1 loss last night against the New York Rangers, Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils was observing the shit out of Spit-cember.  All proceeds of the [indefinite]-long fund raiser go to the International Spittoon Awareness Foundation.

    What if that was his tongue?

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    Let he who is without sin cast the first pod

    Drop the puck, Santa!

    Hey there, my prime-cut-lovin’ hockey hounds. It’s been a bit too long since you’ve last heard us barkin’ at the moon, so we’re gonna get another one of our award-nominated podcasts* together for you real soon. We have plenty on our minds, gang, so get ready to have your jingle bells rocked harder than ever before. And when this podcast gets a-rockin’, do come a knockin’ by posting your comments and questions for TB&theHDz on this here thread or emailing them to us if you’re the bashful type…

    Oh, and, uh you should probably also watch the latest installment of HBO’s 24/7, because we will spoil it for you otherwise.

    So, if you’ve been good this year, expect this one-of-a-kind must-have gift to be under your tree and in your face by Xmas. If you’ve been naughty, well, expect a big ol’ lump of Erik Cole in your stocking.

    *Nominee, 2011 Delaware Valley Regional Grammy Best New Spoken-Word-Voice-Recording Group/Amateur Hockey Podcast

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    Shudder Inspiring

    Take a good long look at this picture.  Friggin’ creepy, right?  Imagine you aren’t an avid hockey fan and you don’t know the story behind these guys.  The only things that distinguish Henrik from Daniel Sedin are their numbers and the different letters on their jerseys.  They look exactly the same even down to their “Make ’em Say Uhhh!” faces.  Also the only numbers you see in this picture are 2 and 3.  It’s freaky.  Roberto Luongo got his first shut out and the Canucks beat the Wild 4*-0.

    Matt Cullen is so weirded out, he won't even look over there.

    *3+3-2=4, just sayin’.

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