Goodbye Movember

I woke up this morning pretty excited to get rid of my “moustache”.  ‘Wimpy’, ‘child-like’, and ‘looks like I have a bunch of dirt on my lip’,  are the words I would have used to describe whatever it was growing on my face.  Luckily not everyone feels that way about their ‘staches and one man who certainly doesn’t is #22 for the Minnesota Wild, Cal Clutterbuck.  This #1 pick is from a few nights ago, but because yesterday was the last day of Movember, I decided to give mad props to the best Mo’ in the NHL.  Keep growin’ Clutterbuck, keep growin’.


See you next year, Movember!

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Movember

  1. ash says:

    this is bullshit

  2. Madonna Rothgery says:

    Enough of Jennifer Aniston. God, who cares, anyway? And you are all right about her movies please, no more second rate movies.

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