What’s He Hiding?

Paul Gaustad saw this from across the room and immediately noticed something was fishy.  He decided to question Paul Szczechura.

He thought the coast was clear.

PG: Hey, Paul.  What’s goin’ on in there?

PS: Nothin’, man.

PG: Paul, c’mon.  What were you doing in there?

PS:  Nothin’, I said.  Don’t worry about it.

PG:  Seriously Paul, it’s Paul here.  Alternate captain…you know, Gaustie?  Now what’s going on in that room?

PS: Would you drop it, man?!  Forget about it!

Szczechura stormed off towards the ice.  Gaustad grabbed the doorknob and tried turn it, but it was no use.

PG: Locked…hmm.  I need to know…

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One thought on “What’s He Hiding?

  1. I bet he was hiding how to pronounce his last name- a true mystery.

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