“Solar System Is So Humungous-Big, Right?”

So, last night’s opening episode of 24/7 was pretty danged good. Not Survivor-good (I still can’t get over how Brandon gave Albert the immunity necklace before tribal council… what an idiot!), but, still, pretty alright television. More importantly, it sounds like Flyers goalkeep Ilya Bryzgalov has the same Wednesday night routine as T-Bone and the Hockey Doggz: controlled substances and PBS’ Nova. Watch and learn as the most mystical Russian since Rasputin proceeds to lecture on the Fabric of the Cosmos:

Here’s a link to the video, too.

I just fucking knew this was gonna happen. HBO was gonna try and make the Flyers appear to be human-like and possibly even endearing. Well, forget it. On the plus side, though, I am pretty excited for nine seasons of soundbites like that from Bryzgalov.

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One thought on ““Solar System Is So Humungous-Big, Right?”

  1. ObliviousHockeyNovice says:

    Damn you, Huskey!! Ease up on the bullies, man. Don’t let the typical “Flyers fans” color your Philly transplanted judgement, homey. I should note, pigheaded fandome has done wonders for this city’s national profile. Embrace it, or buy a dog. A little physical/dirty play, mixed with insufferable fans, in a less than genteel sport should always be appreciated. Being the the hockey neophyte that I am, cant really debate the merits of the Fly boys per se, but the irrational homer side of me can’t resist against defending my hometown. LONG LIVe the Bullies!!. Also, who’s rocking the C for the flyers these days anyway? Apparently I should know this. Keep up the stellar work, just TRY to go easy on the Fly dudes.

    P.S Nova? Controlled substances? I. Want. In. Ok, as you were.

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