Hurts So Good!

So, it’s been a pretty suh-weet day in terms of hockey Schadenfreude. Pass the sauerkraut, guys, cuz I’m eatin’ this up!


Do you feel bad for this guy?

Number one, Chris Pronger is out for the season and the playoffs with a nasty case of the dizzies/serious post-concussion issues. While I’m still in shock that the Flyers organization would mishandle a player’s brain-injury, I’m just gonna come out and admit that this news is fine with me. I know it’s pretty eff’d up to be reveling in that kind of news, but there’s no arguing that Pronger has long been one of the league’s dirtier dogs. I’m not saying ‘he had it coming’ (and, by the way, it also sounds like he was injured on unintentional and/or clean ‘n’ legal collisions), but, well… is ‘what goes around comes around’ different than ‘he had it coming’?

Honestly, if he’d never won a Cup or an MVP award or been successful for the better part of a decade, then, then, I might actually feel kind of bad. I certainly hope Pronger is able to read and watch television and remember his kids’ names and all that, but I’m pretty fine with him not playing hockey any time soon. And I like that the Flyers will have to pay for him against the cap for five more years, even if he retires.

Kids these days...

Guys’ brains getting ruined has become part of the game these days. But pushin’ little squirts around? Well, Brendan Shanahan can puss the game up all he wants, but guys like Mike Milbury want to keep the game (Lindy) Ruff ‘n’ tumble! So why not start by teaching these young punks a thing or two? The best headline of the day (so far) came when Milbury was charged with assaulting a child. I couldn’t make that kind of crap up! For those of you who don’t know, Milbury has lately been the big, fat talking head on NBC’s intermissions. Not only is it tuff to imagine that Milbury will still have a job by the time the Winter Classic rolls around and NBC begins its NHL coverage, but at the very least we can now add this to the top of an already long list of reasons why nobody should ever listen to Mike Milbury.

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