Oh, Quebec

These guys thought about this sign, and this was the best they came up with.  After Erik Cole scored a goal in Montreal last night they unveiled their masterpiece.  Signs, in general, are pretty lame unless they can manage to say something witty and timely in the limited amount of space, case in point*.  This sign is neither of those things.  Much to the dismay of these dorks, the Habs didn’t find ‘Success’ and became the 7th team in a row to lose to the Flyers.  Why not just stick to “[other team] SUCKS!!”?

The whole sign read “Successfully Scoring a Goal is What Makes Us (the Fans) Really Happy! Good Job Canadiens!” Getty Images


*”Kenzo” is a term used to describe the super trashy† people who live in the neighborhood of Kensington, Philadelphia, PA.

†think of the trashiest person you’ve ever met, and multiply it by 100


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One thought on “Oh, Quebec

  1. James says:

    I find it objectionable that this is a unilingual anglophone sign!

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