Precious Moments

Last night, the Pittsburgh Penguins gave the Buffalo Sabres and olde tyme spankin’ and won by a score of 8-3.  Evgeni Malkin had a hat trick and the Sabres played generally crappily.  But let’s not focus on that.  Let us instead focus on this picture, because it’s hilarious.  Panning across the picture from left to right, there is a slow build-up.  We see some kinda funny people in the crowd, Tyler Kennedy is taking a shot which doesn’t really put a smile on your face, then we move on to Matt Ellis who looks a little like one of those toys where you push the button and they collapse, then we get to Eric Tangradi.  I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that the photographer caught him in mid-jump making a goofy face, or that the guy sitting behind the glass with the goatee to the right of Tangradi is giving the same goofy look.  The icing on the cake is directly south of goatee dude, Ryan Miller’s little face poking out looking like a crafty cat burgler.  Great job, man with camera.

Also check out everyone else in the crowd and the Sabres dude just coming into the shot.

Getty Images

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