Let he who is without sin cast the first pod

Drop the puck, Santa!

Hey there, my prime-cut-lovin’ hockey hounds. It’s been a bit too long since you’ve last heard us barkin’ at the moon, so we’re gonna get another one of our award-nominated podcasts* together for you real soon. We have plenty on our minds, gang, so get ready to have your jingle bells rocked harder than ever before. And when this podcast gets a-rockin’, do come a knockin’ by posting your comments and questions for TB&theHDz on this here thread or emailing them to us if you’re the bashful type…

Oh, and, uh you should probably also watch the latest installment of HBO’s 24/7, because we will spoil it for you otherwise.

So, if you’ve been good this year, expect this one-of-a-kind must-have gift to be under your tree and in your face by Xmas. If you’ve been naughty, well, expect a big ol’ lump of Erik Cole in your stocking.

*Nominee, 2011 Delaware Valley Regional Grammy Best New Spoken-Word-Voice-Recording Group/Amateur Hockey Podcast

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