Winnipeg Jets – Streak Killerz

During the month of November, the Boston Bruins were on what some would call a “serious tear”, decimating everyone in their path.  In 13 games they were 12-0-1 and had outscored their opponents 57-25.  After winning their first two games in December, the Bruins rolled into Winnipeg’s MTS Cent[er] on December 6th with a pretty good chance to increase the number in the W column against what once was the “Mighty Thrash”.

The MTS Cent[er] is quickly becoming one of the toughest places to play in the league for a visiting team.  At home last season the Thrashers were 17-17-7.  The Jets only need 5 more wins to meet that, and that’s just through 36 games.

Every night Bryan Little and Andrew Ladd each score a goal, this Little Lad hides a pot-o-gold in the MTS Centre

With leading scorer Tyler “Sleepy” Seguin out and Tuuka Rask making the start,the Bruins were still the definite favorite to beat the Jets to everyone outside of The Keysone Province.  However, Ondrej Pavelec saved 39 of 40 shots, Bryan Little and Andrew Ladd each had a goal, and the only goal scorer for the defending champs was Shawn Thornton.  Streak killed.

One week later on December 13th,  the league leading Minnesota Wild showed up to the MTS Cent[er] in the midst of a 7 game win streak.  It was likely that the Wild would make the Fly Boys (? Does that work? Is that already a nickname for the Flyers?) their 8th in a row.  Pavelec gave up one, saved 34, Zach Bogosian got his first and Bryan Little got another in a streak-ending 2-1 win for the Ice Mans.

Last night, the Mavericks (?  One of these will work, trust me) proved that they could not only kill long streaks at home, but they could take their act on the road.  The Colorado Avalanche came into the game last night having won 5 in a row and 8 at home.  Guess what happened…yeah, streak killed. The final score of this one was 4-1 which just proves that the Jets are getting better at this whole thing.

I can see a similarity.

Why is this happening?  What is aligned in the cosmos that makes sure teams can’t keep their streaks alive against the Airplanes (pretty good right?)?  I don’t have a clue, but I can’t wait to see if they can keep doing it.  If they can do it a few more times, they could start getting in the heads of the opposing players and streaking teams will fear the Turbines.

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