Hockey in Seattle?!

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I might be a week late and a possible sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to an investment group in Glendale short, but this is called ‘T-bone’s thoughts’ for a reason right?  Plus, while I was in the shower this morning I thought of some pretty good ideas for what an NHL team in Seattle might be called and I can’t let those go to waste.

Last Thursday, the Mayor of Seattle and a beautiful, smart, golden-hearted man named Chris Hansen (no relation) announced plans to build a $500 million dollar arena south of a Safeco Field parking garage.  My dad, D-bone, lives about an hour outside of Seattle so I asked him what the general public in the region was thinking:

T-bone: Did you hear about that new arena their planing on building next to the Safe?

D-bone: Oh yeah, people are going nuts.  It looks like a good idea and the city could turn a profit.  I’d love to see the Sonics back in Seattle.

Thanks D-bone.

Oklahoma City Sucks!

So apparently people are freakin’ out, which is great.  The people of Seattle were pretty bummed when the SuperSonics relocated to Oklahoma City (not so much by the loss of the team (because they sucked) but because they lost the team to fucking Oklahoma City). They have, however, found a new object of their affection in the city’s newest professional sports team, the Seattle Sounders FC of the MLS.

Yeah, I know, soccer?  Whatever, that just shows that the people in Seattle are more than willing to spend bunches of money on 1. A new sport and 2. A new team that hasn’t been around long enough to never ever win a championship, ever.  The market is ripe for the pickin’!

I think hockey would catch on with the people of Seattle and western Washington as a whole, especially with a brand new arena (it’s hard to understand the importance of ‘indoors’ if you’re not from there).  It would give the hockey-starved people of the PNW something fresh and new.  Having grown up with Seattle’s perennially under-achieving sports teams, I can tell you that the fans are still passionate.  They were pumped when Mariner’s when they won 116 games in 2001 and were thoroughly pissed when Superbowl XL was stolen from the Seahawks in 2006 (yeah that’s right, STOLEN).  No matter how crappy the team is, having the NHL in the area would increase the interest in the sport and hopefully have an impact on development, like in Nashville.  And shit,  TJ Oshie is from Mt. Vernon…hometown hero?

Now I want give Chris Hansen and any perspective owner of an NHL franchise in Seattle (is that you Don Levin?) some ideas for arena/team names.  Why? Because not only am I an authority on the subject but both of those dudes will read this, duh.  And so:

Arena Names:

1. Kingdome II

Need I say more?

Team Names:

1. Seattle Chinook – Colors: Red, Black, White

How kick-ass would that look on a hockey sweater?!

2. Seattle Navigators – Colors: Navy Blue, Forest Green, Silver

3. Seattle Salmon – Colors: Pink I suppose?

4. Seattle Depression – Colors: Grey…all grey

5. Seattle Salty Doggz – Red, White, Blue (fuckin’ ‘Merica!)

Bottom line: NHL in Seattle would be cool.  Although the Coyote’s were the team that everyone thought would be the one to head to the Emerald City, keep in mind that an NBA team still needs to be acquired for the wheels of the new arena to be set in motion.  By the time that happens, who know’s what NHL team will be floundering in financial issues.



Because I think everyone should watch this video between 27 and 42  times in their life:

RIP Kingdome I

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