Deadline Shmeadline

Huskey tweeting to his followers.

If you’re reading this, than you probably already read the 10,000 other articles analyzing the NHL trade deadline deals.  Who won, who lost, if Paul Gaustad was really worth a 1st rounder.  So, since the internet will continue to beat this dead horse for a couple more days, T-bone and the Hockey Doggz will stay out of it.  We’ll leave the caring about Rick Nash not being traded to people who give a shit.


We would like to tell you to follow us on twitter @tbonehockeydogz.  Sometimes, when T-bone is hungover and doesn’t want to get too far away from the toilet for various reasons, he fades in and out of consciousness while watching hockey games and tweets his thoughts.  Last weekend he miraculously predicted Ray Whitney of the Phoenix Coyotes would score on Edmonton Oilers defenseman Ryan Whitney in the epic battle of #WhitneyVsWhitney.  “Emotional”, “inspiring”, and “whirl-wind of excitement” are words could you could use to describe the T-bone’s live tweets, if you were a weirdo.  Follow us anyhow ’cause you’re not a weirdo, and because sometimes it’s funny.  Don’t invest too much time in it though…

Twitter gone wrong

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