The Creation

Huskey and Moonpie were out for a walk on a crisp fall morning.  The previous night had been somewhat of a calamity and they were both in need of a little ‘unwinding’.  The conversational recount of the evening put a sour taste in both of their mouths and a long, cold silence ensued.  The uneasiness came to close when at the exact same moment, both men opened their mouths to say, ‘Lord Stanley’s Cup is the greatest trophy in all of sports.’

The began to talk more about the great game of hockey and decided to pitch a brilliant idea to their former enemy-cum-confidante T-Bone.  The could all talk about hockey, record it, and let other people hear what they were saying.  Luckily in this day in age this can be accomplished quickly and easily in the form of podcast.

Every once in a while T-bone and his cohorts, Moonpie and Huskey (collectively known as the Hockey Doggz) wax philosophic on the National Hockey League players and teams, the game of hockey itself, and themselves and each other.  They ask the hard questions because they want the hard answers.  They also want you to like it and leave comments, as well as hate it and leave comments.  Tell your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, bank tellers, bartenders, midwives, pets and whoever else likes the game that these guys might not own one tv collectively that gets any hockey games, but they love it anyway.  And they’re kinda funny.

What do you think?

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