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T-bone and the Hockey Doggz no. 6: THE WINTER CLASSIC!! We Talk to Mark Recchi AND Pat Sajak & Family AND a Security Guard!

Third Base entrance at "The Bank". We were there!

Here it is guys!! Fresh off the digital recorder!  In this episode, T-bone and the Hockey Doggz meet up and decide to ask people questions at the Winter Classic.  People including: MARK RECCHI, PAT SAJAK, and SHEAWUN SNYDRR!!!!  We ask them the hard questions like, “Are you [Flyers/Rangers] fans?”, “Do you have tickets?”, “What do you think about going with Bobrovsky”, and “How drunk are you scale of 1-10?”.

At about 2:15pm, we headed to a bar to watch the Winter Classic.  Then that bar took forever to get T-bone a beer and they wouldn’t turn the sound on so for the game so our dear friend Gelman said she would let us drink beer and watch the game at her house.  So we did that.  Much discussion followed.  On the way back from Gelman’s, we got to interview some more folks about the Classic and T-bone and Huskey cap off this game with an empty netter by discussing the future of waived players Andrew Raycroft and Sean Avery.  Hope you like it and as always send us an e-mail or leave us a comment, or both!

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Speak of the Goal

Did we call it or what?!  Just weeks after discussing what was cooler, goalie goals or goalie fights in our 4th podcast, Carolina Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward was credited with a goal last night.  The first goalie to score one since Chris Mason back in 2006, Wardo’s tally was an own goal scored by the New Jersey Devils on themselves due to a errant Ilya Kovalchuk pass.  I’m glad he got credit for the goal, I’m sure it will be the highlight of his season, but I was hoping the next goal scored by a goalie would be a ripper from just outside the crease like Evgeni Nabokov’s in 2002.  Or maybe a wicked backhander like Jose Theodore’s goal in ’01.  Eh, oh well, pipe dreams I guess.  T-bone and the Hockey Doggz were discussing reasons why we haven’t seen a shot from a goalie go in since 2002, and we came up with the trapezoid and all the other rule changes.  Must be right, right?

Here's Bryan Allen congratulating Cam Ward on his first career goal. When asked about it after the game Ward said, "It would have been a lot cooler if I had shot the puck or did something like that,". I concur Mr. Ward, I concur.

And here’s a video of all the goals scored by goalies.  It’s pretty sweet.

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The Sniffing Referee

Erik: Anyway, so then this guy comes up to me and starts feeling my jacket through his thumb and his forefinger like this.

P.K.: So, what did you do?

Erik: I said: “So, what do you think?”. And he said, “Polyester?”. And I said, “Yeah.” That was it.

Carey: Wow, just felt your material?

Erik: Yeah…Steve Kozari.

P.K.: Sounds like a cool guy.

Carey: Sounds like a jerk. Felt your material, come on.

Cunneyworth:Who goes around feeling people's material? What can be gained feeling a person's material? It's insanity!

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If you recall, last month Jonas Hiller was riding out the awesomeness that is Movember and getting us prepped and ready for Spit-cember.  In a 4-1 loss last night against the New York Rangers, Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils was observing the shit out of Spit-cember.  All proceeds of the [indefinite]-long fund raiser go to the International Spittoon Awareness Foundation.

What if that was his tongue?

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Shudder Inspiring

Take a good long look at this picture.  Friggin’ creepy, right?  Imagine you aren’t an avid hockey fan and you don’t know the story behind these guys.  The only things that distinguish Henrik from Daniel Sedin are their numbers and the different letters on their jerseys.  They look exactly the same even down to their “Make ’em Say Uhhh!” faces.  Also the only numbers you see in this picture are 2 and 3.  It’s freaky.  Roberto Luongo got his first shut out and the Canucks beat the Wild 4*-0.

Matt Cullen is so weirded out, he won't even look over there.

*3+3-2=4, just sayin’.

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Belated B-Day Wishes

Well guys, it was Stanley C. Panther’s birthday last night we all missed it.  Bet you feel pretty shitty, don’t you?  Well don’t worry, Sparky the New York Islanders dragon thing, Thunderbug the Tampa Bay Lightning yellow guy, and Gnash the Nashville Predators “Predator” showed up for the celebration.  From all of us here at T-bone and the Hockey Doggz, happy belated birthday Stanley.

These mascots are so lame.


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Precious Moments

Last night, the Pittsburgh Penguins gave the Buffalo Sabres and olde tyme spankin’ and won by a score of 8-3.  Evgeni Malkin had a hat trick and the Sabres played generally crappily.  But let’s not focus on that.  Let us instead focus on this picture, because it’s hilarious.  Panning across the picture from left to right, there is a slow build-up.  We see some kinda funny people in the crowd, Tyler Kennedy is taking a shot which doesn’t really put a smile on your face, then we move on to Matt Ellis who looks a little like one of those toys where you push the button and they collapse, then we get to Eric Tangradi.  I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that the photographer caught him in mid-jump making a goofy face, or that the guy sitting behind the glass with the goatee to the right of Tangradi is giving the same goofy look.  The icing on the cake is directly south of goatee dude, Ryan Miller’s little face poking out looking like a crafty cat burgler.  Great job, man with camera.

Also check out everyone else in the crowd and the Sabres dude just coming into the shot.

Getty Images

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Oh, Quebec

These guys thought about this sign, and this was the best they came up with.  After Erik Cole scored a goal in Montreal last night they unveiled their masterpiece.  Signs, in general, are pretty lame unless they can manage to say something witty and timely in the limited amount of space, case in point*.  This sign is neither of those things.  Much to the dismay of these dorks, the Habs didn’t find ‘Success’ and became the 7th team in a row to lose to the Flyers.  Why not just stick to “[other team] SUCKS!!”?

The whole sign read “Successfully Scoring a Goal is What Makes Us (the Fans) Really Happy! Good Job Canadiens!” Getty Images


*”Kenzo” is a term used to describe the super trashy† people who live in the neighborhood of Kensington, Philadelphia, PA.

†think of the trashiest person you’ve ever met, and multiply it by 100


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The Truth is Out There

A scary scene in Anaheim last night was captured on film.  During the Ducks – Coyotes game, the stadium lights cut out and a single light beam shined down on Lubomir Visnovsky.  Suddenly, as we see here, his stick was yanked from his hand and began floating off into the light.  What happened next?  Nobody knows.  The next thing anyone at the game remembers is the lights coming back on with no sign of Visnovsky.  Will we ever see him again?

Come back, Lubomir! Getty Images

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Slim ‘Pic’ins

Last night in their 5-4 loss to the New Jersey Devils, Blair Jones recorded his second point of the season scoring a goal for the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Yippee…The real story here is that the Lightning sell what appear to be Velour jackets to the Tampa Bay area coke bosses.  I really hope they sell it as a jumpsuit.

Time away from Baltimore has been good for 'The Greek'

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