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T-bone and the Hockey Doggz No. 13: Second Round Review and Discussing Patrick Kane

From the Playoff War Room, the 2012 Conference Finals

The second round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs has been over for a little bit but until now, you haven’t heard what we thought of it.  Well now you can!  This latest installment of the T-bone and the Hockey Doggz podcast is ready to go into your ears.  Although it is a little more brief than the TB&HDz P-casts that you’re used to, it still asks all the tough questions and gives the even tougher answers that you’ve come to cherish from us.  Topics of discussion include:

  • Party Boyz
  • Russian Oil Magnates
  • Jonathan Quick
  • Brent Sopel
  • What’s the deal with the Capitals?
  • Who’s gonna win the conferences?
  • Patrick Kane
  • Predictions for Post-Lockout Hockey in 2014

Without further adieu here is the 13th episode! Enjoy!

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Goin’ on a holiday!

Let's get the hell outta here!

I’ve heard that in Hawaiian-talk, ‘aloha’ means ‘sup’ as well as ‘later.’

If that’s true, then aloha readers!

T-Bone and those darned Hockey Doggz are going on a visionquest/spiritjourney to some places where they don’t have the internet. But I bet they still have hockey! Priorities, folks… Anyways, we’ll be back soon, ok? Write us while we’re gone!

T-Bone and the Hockey Doggz No. 1

Tbone and the Hockey Doggz no. 1

This is what happens when T-Bone and the Hockey Doggz have the idea of talking about hockey all night, but then end up drinking a lot of 4 Loko.  It’s the first attempt at something cool.


Hello to all you T-boners and Hockey Pups out there!  You don’t know it yet but soon your dreams of hearing T-bone, Moonpie, and Huskey discuss all the events of the NHL are going to come true!  I think I just ruined the surprise…anyhow, the podcast is on the way!!

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