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I Watched it so you don’t have to!

Like any sport, hockey has its faithful as well as its fair-weather fans. Now I could go all Foxworthy on your ever-readin’ asses and delineate the subtle differences between the two species, but I think you guys know what I mean. So you may as well just go on ahead and give me a quick ‘hell yeah!’ right now so we can move along.

But, yeah, faithful and fair-weather. That’s why most stadiums have a lower- and upper-bowl set-up. People that love the

"oh, hell yeah!"

This is how it's done, boy-os.

game don’t want to see a Tampa Bay jersey customized to say ‘Greatest Grandpa’ with number 1 tucked into some relaxed-fit Lees and advocates of NHL player safety probably don’t want the faithful down near the glass…

Well, one thing a true fan of the game does is watch games, and not just when someone’s cousin’s boss ‘can’t make it to the game’. Real hockey doggz check things out even if their team isn’t playing. Or even if the teams playing aren’t that good, a hockey aficionado sticks around. But what if the, uh, Blue Jackets are playing? What then, hot shot? Continue reading

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