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OMG! Bobby Ryan Reviewed the New ‘Twilight’!

A lot of people might know Bobby Ryan as the high-scoring Anaheim Ducks winger that Teemu Selanne’s always giving Werther’s Originals to. Others, like a certain T-Bone, might think of Ryan as ‘that guy that my landlord used to rent a house to in Cherry Hill, NJ.’ Few of us in the hockey world acknowledge Ryan for his work in the field of film and literary criticism, however.

Dr. Ryan, as seen on countless dust jackets

The NHL once again proved that they really “get” their fans when they arranged for Bobby Ryan and members of the L.A. Kings to attend the gala opening of the newest Twilight movie this past Monday. Although we here at TB&theHDz are a little irked that Bobby decided to lend his reviewing talents to a rival website, the whole wide world is, undoubtedly, a much, much better place for it. Continue reading

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