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The Flyers Suck and the Trapezoid is Stupid

Hey! It’s been less than a week since the NHL season started! Let’s talk about it!



The first big thing that happened re-sparked a debate that’s been going on for longer than I’ve been around.  On opening night, “The Mustachioed Cat” George Parros fell on his face during a fight against Toronto’s Colton Orr, leaving the ice with a concussion.  So, should we take fighting out of hockey? To that I will only say this: Nope, it has an unquantifiable effect on the momentum of a game and anyone who has witnessed this in action would want to fight anyone who wants to take fighting out of the game.  THAT’S IT!

Going from stale to fresh, the second winningest American coach of all time Peter Laviolette, was fired by the Phiadelphia Flyers.  He was the second victim of circumstance in the Philadelphia sports world (we’ll miss you Charlie!) in a matter of months.  Much like the beloved Philadelphia Phillies, Laviolette’s team was bad due to more than one folly of GM-itude.  Since he’s been around since ’09, he had to take the heat for it.  The good thing about it though is that the Flyers are now 0-3-0, starting a whole new system with a rookie coach, they have a terrible defense and an even worse goaltending tandem.  They’re going to suck!  And that makes us here at T-bone and the Hockey Doggz pret-tay pret-tay happy.  Flyers Suck!

Finally: a rant.

I could use more of this.

I could use more of this.

Hey! You know what I’m sick of? Well I’ll tell you.  I’m sick of people talkin’ shit about the shootout.  You know what else I’m sick of?!  PEOPLE NOT TALKING SHIT ABOUT THE TRAPEZOID! Since the last lock out, it has been deemed that a hockey game needs a winner, and quickly! No more ties, dammit, we wanna see some fancy stick work and there’s no better way to see that than a shootout.  So along the same vein, why don’t we want to see fancy stick work from a goalie?! There’s no valid reason a goalie shouldn’t be able to handle the puck.  “Because he’s too good at it” is not a reason.  Stick-handling to a goalie is an added skill, one that all goalies have the option to work on.  Everyone knows that Martin Brodeur is one of the best stick handling goalies of all time.  Who else is there right now? Mike Smith? Brodeur is on his way out.  After he’s gone, will we see another great puck moving netminder?   I know I would like to, but with the trapezoid, there’s no real reason for a goalie to polish his stick skills, and I hate that.


So, everyone, it’s a new NHL season and a new season for T-bone and the Hockey Doggz.  Get ready for a new podcast coming up in the next week or so wherein we will have some new awesome segments involving 2 cases (yeah around 500 cards) of ’91-’92 NHL Pro Set Series II hockey cards.  There’s also going to be more smart, funny, provocative insight from me T-bone.

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The NHL Playoffs: Week One

All caught up!

I just decided that I am going to try to do a weekly recap of the playoffs.  I guess I’ll talk about all the things I found noteworthy and interesting, awesome or ugly.  We’ll see how it goes.  3…2…1…BLAST OFF!

Holy hell!  What in the hell got into those really big guys with knives on their feet and sticks in their hands?!  They’re running around doin’ all kinds of fucked up shit!

Byron Bitz, Matt Carkner, Carl Hagelin, Andrew Shaw, Nicklas Backstrom, Craig Adams , Aaron Asham, and James Neal all have been suspended in this first week.  Brent Burns should have been suspended for his blatant elbow on Scott Nichol, and more importantly, Shea Weber  should have been suspended for slamming Henrik Zetterberg’s  face into the glass in the first game of the Detroit/Nashville series.  Raffi Torres will no doubt be suspended for this hit that sent Marian Hossa to the hospital last night:

Torres’ suspension will most likely be the strongest swing of the Shanahammer we’ve seen this post season, Odin willing.  Of all the “taking that kind of hit out of the game” and “it’s about respect the players have for each other” talk we’ve been hearing since October, what can we make of these heinous infractions?  That the players don’t have respect for each other and they aren’t afraid of the big, bad, Shanahan, or their emotions have just gotten the better of them in the first week?  What do you think?

Speaking of thinking, who’da thunk the Philadelphia Flyers would be up 3-0 on the Pittsburgh Penguins?  Probably not any of these guys:


I said Philly would win in 7 because I want the Pens to win and I never ever get what I want, a-boo-hoo.  We’ll see if Pittsburgh can make an historic first round rally starting tonight, but I doubt it.  They have been sloppy in their own zone, their defense has been terrible, their special teams has been equally as puke-inspiring, and they have been despicably dirty.  To the Flyers credit, they’ve played great and have kept their composure.  The Penguins are trying to beat the Flyers at their own bully-style game and it’s just not going to work.

The Panthers comeback from a 3 goal deficit last night against the Devils was pretty awesome.  You’d expect that kind of comeback from the Stinkin’ Philadelphia Flyers, but it’s cool to see it done by a team most people (myself included) had written off as the worst team in the playoffs.

The LA Kings are up 3-0 on the President’s Trophy-Winning, defending Western Conference Champion Vancouver Canucks.  No one saw that coming either.  A team who squeaked into the playoffs in the last couple of days of the regular season now has the chance to become the first ever to sweep the reigning P-trophy champs, are you kidding me?

The hockey gods have something pretty crazy in store for us this year, that is fo sho.  Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

Feel free to leave us a comment, write to us via e-mail here, and follow us on twitter here.  Oh! And we finally got the podcast on iTunes, so you can subscribe to that here.


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It’s the Freakin’ Windy City Weekend

"Love the blog, guys! Keep up the good work!" -R. Kelly

Last week I kinda lost my cool and made minor fuss about having to suggest the same marquee Wings/’Hawks matchup two weeks in a row to ya’ll. Then today when I called up the NHL to find out what games were on this weekend, all I kept hearing was Chicago this and Blackhawks that. Of course, my first instinct was to say ‘fuck it’ and suggest other games before people on the internet started saying ‘if you like the Blackhawks so much, why don’t you marry them, Huskey?’ Well, being a gay polygamist is highly illegal, number one, and number two (haha… number two) I don’t want to tell anybody to go watch a Sabres/Islanders game. Plus this segment’s name comes from a chart-toppin’ tune by Chicago hero/Blackhawks’ 7th defenseman Robert “R. Kelly” Kelly, so this is basically kismet.

Now I don’t usually do this, but, uh, go on ahead and break ‘em off a lil’ preview of the remix: Continue reading

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2012 Here We Come!

Another year is about to end and the one that’s about to start could be our last!  Oh no!  Ok, probably not, but just in case let’s make this a good one.  I’m talkin’ to you, NHL.

Should be fun!

I’m looking forward to a great 2012 portion of this hockey season, and luckily, things are shaping up in my favor.  The first thing I’m pumped for is a little thing you might have heard about called the Winter Classic.  January 2nd should be pretty awesome because they’re going to be playing hockey outside!  In a baseball park!  And we’re going to be there! Well, outside in the parking lot…tailgating before the game.  But it is going to be awesome!  The best part is T-bone andthe Hockey Doggz are gonna share the experience with you!  But probably the next day…but so what.  Our next podcast will share insider information with you the listener that only we could get our stinky paws on.  Our polls of the fans joining us in the parking lot will ask the tough questions, such as, “Who do you want to win?”, “Are you from the area?”, “Where’s the beer?” and many, many more.  So tune in!

Because, what’s going on here?

The next big event on the NHL calendar is the All-Star game and skills competition.  Now, Huskey and I were discussing this recently and he brought up a good point, “The skills competition will be cool, I don’t really care about the All-Star game.”  At first I scoffed, but then I realized he was right.  The ASG is always pretty boring.  There’s lots of back-and-fourth, end-to-end hockey that’s pretty exciting for the fans of the game (although the pace is slowed due to all the hard partying the night before), as well as a usual plethora of goals which are fun and exciting, until you remember, “Wait, who cares?” The answer there is nobody.  There will be super-sweet 3 on 0 breakaways or a few really awesome saves by the goalie who is trying the hardest, but the ASG is bound be be a bunch of really skilled dudes making incredibly skilled passes to one another that are only happening because the d-men want to see the play pan out just as much as the fans do.  What I’m looking forward to seeing is the skills competition.  I love to see the players perform their craft unimpeded by opposing players.  They can say that Jonathan Toews is one of the premier snipers in the league and that Zdeno Chara has the hardest shot in the NHL, but I want to see them prove it.

The rest of the season is already looking like a doosey. Some of the more favored teams started off slow but things are seemingly coming together to form a vague idea of what the playoffs will look like, provided the Columbus Blue Jackets don’t go on a 30 game win streak.  Which brings me to the next big event of the season, the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  It looks like this year will bring some old faces back into the playoff picture.  Teams like Florida and Toronto in the Eastern Conference and Minnesota and St. Louis in the West are making legitimate efforts to compete for the final W of the season, or at least to get swept in the first round by Boston or Detroit.  With the way the Cup Final went last year and the way the Canucks and the Bruins are playing right now, a another Boston – Vancouver series would be the best sequel since Troll 2 .

Gary Bettman is discussing how much money to give us for naming all 4 of the new conferences right now. Map courtesy billsportsmaps.com

Finally, realignment.  This is going to be the biggest story in the NHL when the ’11-’12 season comes to and end.  It’s going to change the landscape of the game, make team rivalries more heated, and give the fans a chance to see every team at least once.  Realignment is a major shake-up and I can’t wait to see how it will affect the game next year.

Happy New Yearz, y’all!


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Belated B-Day Wishes

Well guys, it was Stanley C. Panther’s birthday last night we all missed it.  Bet you feel pretty shitty, don’t you?  Well don’t worry, Sparky the New York Islanders dragon thing, Thunderbug the Tampa Bay Lightning yellow guy, and Gnash the Nashville Predators “Predator” showed up for the celebration.  From all of us here at T-bone and the Hockey Doggz, happy belated birthday Stanley.

These mascots are so lame.


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It’s (Another) Freakin’ Weekend (Again)!

ignition (remix)

Sing along time!

Ya-hey, my fellow big hockey chieftains. So good of you to stop by and visit this edition of It’s the Freakin’ Weekend!

Feelin’ the winter chillz? What better way to heat things right up by skating around really fast-like on some ice? Not feeling up to that? Then stay home, tune in, and quit your goddamned bellyaching or, so help me God, I’ll turn this blog right back around. Continue reading

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I am the Panther

Last night’s #1 pic is this one of Florida Panthers forward Tomas Fleischmann doing his best impression of the panther on his jersey.  It’s not quite as threatening as the sweater, but Tomas, if you believe you are the panther, then you are the panther.


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