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A Freakin’ Weekend to Remember

I accidentally ate the missletoe...Woah. Last thing I remember was, I was, uh… I was… Oh man.

So, last weeks Freakin’ Weekend couldn’t happen because of Christmas. So if you ended up watching some weak-ass Boxing Day action because my steady paw wasn’t there to guide you, well, blame the Big Baby Jesus for effin’ with the perfectly-fine, regular NHL schedule.

But now we are back, with more frankincense and myrrh than you can shake a gold stick at! And this time the NHL don’t give no stinkin’ care about no stinkin’ holiday! In fact, let’s us embrace the pagan roots of the New Year’s celebration by strapping sharp blades on our shoes, equipping ourselves with clubs, and then maybe even get into a fight or two. Follow me to the otherside- see ya in hell, hockey in 2011! Continue reading

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Happy Veterans’ Day

Veterans aren’t just people who fought in wars or the guys who give your cat medicine. Some of them are also just old farts dickin’ around at the hockey rink. Or old dicks fartin’ around sometimes, too. Whether it’s their steel-trap memories, physical dexterity, sanguine disposition, or just a still, steady set of hands offering guidance, the elderly, too, can help your favorite NHL team a-plenty. Continue reading

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