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T-bone and the Hockey Doggz Podcast: Season 3 Premier!!!!!!!


Yeah! Can you tell how excited we are?! After a long hiatus we’re back with our famous brand of wit and whimsy.  For the first time in a while T-bone, Moonpie, and Huskey made the trek to the podcast studio deep below the Earth and discussed many things related to and about the NHL.  In this episode we discuss this kind of stuff:

  • What’s new for the 2013-2014 season?!
  • Flip-flop ice skates
  • Hockey’s Elder Statesman Jaromir Jagr and his deal with the New Jersey Devil
  • New ideas to supplant the shoot-out – NSFW
  • Our take on the Patrick Roy freak-out
  • Bryzgalov to the Penguins
  • Flyers are so bad
  • T-bone and the Hockey Doggz Tarot Time.
  • Yeah.
  • This:

Hockey Card Tarot Reading

Thanks for listening! We’ll be back with another podcast soon so check back later…when you think there’s been enough time for us to make another podcast. Or you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and it’ll show up when it’s ready.  In the meantime, email us at tboneandthehockeydoggz@gmail.com and follow us on twitter @tbonehockeydogz.


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Notes From the Underground

aw, yeah!

TB&theHDz's BFFF (The extra 'F' Stands for 'FFHF')

Dear T-Bone, Huskey, and Moonpie (the Hockey Doggz),

I must reiterate that I do not endorse your website and ask that you refrain from mentioning me by name on your blog.


Pat Sajak

Written as dictated

Well, it’s over. All over. But it wasn’t all celebrity endorsements (like the one above) and poor waiter-ing. There was the actual game, which ya’ll are probably getting tired of hearing about. But you probably aren’t tired of hearing me talk about it, right? So what was up with Continue reading

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T-bone and the Hockey Doggz no. 4: Two of Us Went to an Acutal NHL Game!

Hey all you T-boners and Hockey Pups out there!  This is the 4th and 1-month anniversary podcast recorded December 12th, 2011.  In it T-bone, Moonpie, and Huskey discuss all the latest NHL news including: the NHL Winter Classic, an actual game attended by Moonpie and Huskey, and how much the Flyers stink.  We hope you enjoy it and, as always, paaa-leeease write some comments or send us an e-mail.  Word up!

Click ‘Continue reading’ if you want to take part in the polls we discuss in the podcast episode!!

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