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If you recall, last month Jonas Hiller was riding out the awesomeness that is Movember and getting us prepped and ready for Spit-cember.  In a 4-1 loss last night against the New York Rangers, Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils was observing the shit out of Spit-cember.  All proceeds of the [indefinite]-long fund raiser go to the International Spittoon Awareness Foundation.

What if that was his tongue?

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‘S[p]itty’ Night for Ducks

This shot from last night’s Anaheim Ducks’ 5-2 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs show’s Jonas Hiller in all his Movember Mo-glory.  Get your fill of this look while you can because Movember is nearly over! The mask is awesome and his ‘stache is…well, I have no room to talk about other people’s flavor savers.  Looks like Hiller is getting ready for next month’s observance of “Spit-cember”.

It's even weirder when you realize the water is going into his mouth.

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