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The Yardstick: Backups Have Been Good, American of the Week

League Leaders


Goals: Alex Ovechkin – 10

Assists: Henrik Sedin – 12

Points: Sidney Crosby – 17


GAA: Josh Harding – 1.00

SV%: Tuuka Rask – .957

Wins: Antii Niemi – 8

Shutouts: Jean-Sebastian Giguere – 2


Players Suspended: 7*

Games Lost Due to Suspension: 33*

(*Pending John Scott’s meeting with the Shanahammer)

Backstrom Harding Backstrom Harding Backstrom Harding

Backstrom Harding Backstrom Harding Backstrom Harding

Dope Things

Backup goalies!

Josh Harding – Harding started the season in Minnesota as a back-up for Niklas Backstrom but became the starter after Backs went down (typical Backstrom) 3 games into the season with a knee strain.  Harding played in 9 games posting a 1.00 GAA and a .953 SV% before going down himself last night with an injury and being replaced by his back-up Backstrom. It’s like a snake eating it’s own tail.

Carter Hutton – Nicknamed “Tiki Hutt” by his teammates, Hutton has been strong in his first season as a first-string back-up for the Nashville Predators.  He’s played in three games, won two of them, has a 1.37 GAA and a .959 SV%.  Hopefully he can keep those numbers up because he’s going to be “in the shit” with Pekka Rinne being injured.

"Well officer, he came at me with a stick and knives on his feet."

“Well officer, he came at me with a stick and knives on his feet.”

J.S. Gigure – Giguere has been excellent.  It’s crazy. 3-0, .981 SV%, 0.67 GAA, 2 shutouts.  It’s probably just another one of his streaks, but keep in mind his greatest streak won him a Conn Smythe trophy in ’03

The Coyotes

Last year I was like, “Sure am glad the Coyotes aren’t in the playoffs”.  This year I’m like “Why are the Coyotes still so good?!”, although I know the answer is 2 words: RIBEIRO BABY!  9 points in 11 games, this guy is partly to blame for the Coyotes best start since the 2000-01 season.

Nope Things



Public Smack Talking

In one of my favorite stories of the early season, Montreal Canadiens forward Lars Eller called the visiting Edmonton Oilers a “junior team“.  I mean, it’s kind of true but you probably shouldn’t be saying something like that to the media, especially before a game.  So what happened? The Oilers beat the Canadiens 4-3 and Eller was to blame.  Tsk Tsk

American of the Week

NOT Dustin Byfuglien, OR Craig Smith (this week)

Americans had a pretty good week. Phil Kessel had a hat trick, Craig Anderson had a good game, Bobby Ryan is fitting in behind enemy lines .  BUT I’m gonna give American of the Week honors to one of the USA’s up and coming stars: Seth Jones. WHO?!


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Bye Byeeeeeee!


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T-bone and the Hockey Doggz no. 7: Beautiful Buttons, Disappointments, and the Dark Lord

Huskey's Urban Cabin.

Recorded yesterday at Huskey’s bachelor pad in front of a live studio audience, in this the 7th installment of the T-bone and the Hockey Doggz podcast, T-bone and the Hockey Doggz discuss what’s been on their mind since that fateful encounter with Pat Sajak at the 2012 Winter Classic.  Primarily, we discuss our beautiful, hand-made, game-worn buttons (see picture below), teams that have ‘come back to earth’, our mid-season disappointments, what we think of the NHL All-Star Game, and finally we take some calls from a few of our loyal listeners.  We hope you guys enjoy or really hate our opinions, either way feel free to comment or send uh e-mail!

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2012 Here We Come!

Another year is about to end and the one that’s about to start could be our last!  Oh no!  Ok, probably not, but just in case let’s make this a good one.  I’m talkin’ to you, NHL.

Should be fun!

I’m looking forward to a great 2012 portion of this hockey season, and luckily, things are shaping up in my favor.  The first thing I’m pumped for is a little thing you might have heard about called the Winter Classic.  January 2nd should be pretty awesome because they’re going to be playing hockey outside!  In a baseball park!  And we’re going to be there! Well, outside in the parking lot…tailgating before the game.  But it is going to be awesome!  The best part is T-bone andthe Hockey Doggz are gonna share the experience with you!  But probably the next day…but so what.  Our next podcast will share insider information with you the listener that only we could get our stinky paws on.  Our polls of the fans joining us in the parking lot will ask the tough questions, such as, “Who do you want to win?”, “Are you from the area?”, “Where’s the beer?” and many, many more.  So tune in!

Because, what’s going on here?

The next big event on the NHL calendar is the All-Star game and skills competition.  Now, Huskey and I were discussing this recently and he brought up a good point, “The skills competition will be cool, I don’t really care about the All-Star game.”  At first I scoffed, but then I realized he was right.  The ASG is always pretty boring.  There’s lots of back-and-fourth, end-to-end hockey that’s pretty exciting for the fans of the game (although the pace is slowed due to all the hard partying the night before), as well as a usual plethora of goals which are fun and exciting, until you remember, “Wait, who cares?” The answer there is nobody.  There will be super-sweet 3 on 0 breakaways or a few really awesome saves by the goalie who is trying the hardest, but the ASG is bound be be a bunch of really skilled dudes making incredibly skilled passes to one another that are only happening because the d-men want to see the play pan out just as much as the fans do.  What I’m looking forward to seeing is the skills competition.  I love to see the players perform their craft unimpeded by opposing players.  They can say that Jonathan Toews is one of the premier snipers in the league and that Zdeno Chara has the hardest shot in the NHL, but I want to see them prove it.

The rest of the season is already looking like a doosey. Some of the more favored teams started off slow but things are seemingly coming together to form a vague idea of what the playoffs will look like, provided the Columbus Blue Jackets don’t go on a 30 game win streak.  Which brings me to the next big event of the season, the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  It looks like this year will bring some old faces back into the playoff picture.  Teams like Florida and Toronto in the Eastern Conference and Minnesota and St. Louis in the West are making legitimate efforts to compete for the final W of the season, or at least to get swept in the first round by Boston or Detroit.  With the way the Cup Final went last year and the way the Canucks and the Bruins are playing right now, a another Boston – Vancouver series would be the best sequel since Troll 2 .

Gary Bettman is discussing how much money to give us for naming all 4 of the new conferences right now. Map courtesy billsportsmaps.com

Finally, realignment.  This is going to be the biggest story in the NHL when the ’11-’12 season comes to and end.  It’s going to change the landscape of the game, make team rivalries more heated, and give the fans a chance to see every team at least once.  Realignment is a major shake-up and I can’t wait to see how it will affect the game next year.

Happy New Yearz, y’all!


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Shudder Inspiring

Take a good long look at this picture.  Friggin’ creepy, right?  Imagine you aren’t an avid hockey fan and you don’t know the story behind these guys.  The only things that distinguish Henrik from Daniel Sedin are their numbers and the different letters on their jerseys.  They look exactly the same even down to their “Make ’em Say Uhhh!” faces.  Also the only numbers you see in this picture are 2 and 3.  It’s freaky.  Roberto Luongo got his first shut out and the Canucks beat the Wild 4*-0.

Matt Cullen is so weirded out, he won't even look over there.

*3+3-2=4, just sayin’.

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T-bone and the Hockey Doggz no. 4: Two of Us Went to an Acutal NHL Game!

Hey all you T-boners and Hockey Pups out there!  This is the 4th and 1-month anniversary podcast recorded December 12th, 2011.  In it T-bone, Moonpie, and Huskey discuss all the latest NHL news including: the NHL Winter Classic, an actual game attended by Moonpie and Huskey, and how much the Flyers stink.  We hope you enjoy it and, as always, paaa-leeease write some comments or send us an e-mail.  Word up!

Click ‘Continue reading’ if you want to take part in the polls we discuss in the podcast episode!!

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It’s The Freakin’ Weekend

I know you don’t have anything better to do this weekend than sit around and watch the hockeymen go a-chasin’ after pucks. That’s why you’re here at TB&theHDzHQ, you lovable loser. But figuring out which game is right for you can be as difficult and fraught with indecision as trying to settle on the right shampoo. So take my advice, guys:

Friday, December 2:

What City That You Don’t Want to Visit Will Have Tonight’s Winning Hockey Team?

Miller Boys

this blood feud will have to be settled another day

Well, I was ready to get wound up if not outright hyper about Ryan “Gold Medal Winner in our Hearts” Miller coming back tonight against the Red Wings. After three weeks spent recovering from an on-the-job accident with his wife by his side, Ryan is ready to return to action. Hopefully he’s ready to have a save percentage higher than .909, too. But, anyhow, it looks like the Sabres are going to see if Ryan’s up to handling the bench door before they let him try and stop pucks, as “My Name Is Jhonas” Enroth will probably get the start tonight.

CALL ME NASTRADUMUS, ‘CUZ THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN, I PROMISE: Ryan Miller won’t play in the game, but will stick around afterwards to tell the media that he thinks his brother, Detroit winger Drew Miller, is “a complete piece of shit” after a controversial nuggie delivered during pre-game warm-ups.



Saturday, December 3:

Which side are you on?

I’m pretty sure Boston won’t have a problem beating Toronto again, but I’m a little curious to see who Don Cherry wants to win. I mean, what’s his suit gonna be like? Black and gold clash with blue and white, but Don’s such a fashion iconoclast, anything is possible.


And this isn't even the craziest thing Don's ever worn

DARING PREDICTION: Tim Thomas gives up, like, ten goals, proving that, similar to Samson of old, the source of his powers was his mustache.

Sunday, December 4:

I Have to Pick a Game to Talk About.

Bombay & Crew

Maybe you could just rent this instead?

Fuck. Well, uh, I kind of already wrote a thing about watching a boring game on a Sunday night. So maybe you can read that? But if you really want some hockey to keep you company, I guess you could watch the Minnesota Wild bring their pop-guns to Anaheim and fart around. Plus, Bruce Boudreau’s highly-anticipated “flying-v” play could make its debut tonight!

HEY, WOULDN’T IT BE WEIRD IF: After a team trip to Disneyland, the Wild decide to “loosen up” and not play such tight-ass hockey. There’ll be a fun montage and the guys will try on different outfits, get customized Mouse-Ears, and take turns high-fiving Mickey and the gang.

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Goodbye Movember

I woke up this morning pretty excited to get rid of my “moustache”.  ‘Wimpy’, ‘child-like’, and ‘looks like I have a bunch of dirt on my lip’,  are the words I would have used to describe whatever it was growing on my face.  Luckily not everyone feels that way about their ‘staches and one man who certainly doesn’t is #22 for the Minnesota Wild, Cal Clutterbuck.  This #1 pick is from a few nights ago, but because yesterday was the last day of Movember, I decided to give mad props to the best Mo’ in the NHL.  Keep growin’ Clutterbuck, keep growin’.


See you next year, Movember!

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