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T-bone and the Hockey Doggz No. 10: Triple Dippin’:Playoff Races, Playoff Teams, Playoofz

Has it really been 10 episodes already?

We’re back! With our 10th Anniversary Podcast!!  Just in time to talk about playoff races!

In our special 10th Anniversary episode, T-bone and the Hockey Doggz discuss who we like in said playoff races.  It’s pretty much a who’s who of who we want to win and why.  We also talk about the teams who are doing really well and who is the most formidable adversary come playoff time.  Another one of our awesome brand new segments is revealed as we sit down to listen to “Moonpie’s Fireside Penguins Chat”.  To wrap it all up we have what I believe is the second coming of the much heralded “T-bone and the Hockey Doggz Lightning Round”!!  It’s too good to miss!

We here at T-bone and the Hockey Doggz would like to thank all of our loyal listener[s] for tuning in this regular season for our first 10 episodes.  That being said this is our final regular season podcast.  But don’t worry!  We’ll be here during the playoffs too, using the power of the internet to bring our opinions to your ears all the way up to the Stanley Cup Finalz! Don’t forget to follow us on twitter here and send us an e-mail with your comments here.  Or you can comment right here on this post!  See you in a week or whatever it is!

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So Excited… Just Can’t Hide it…

'Shh... Phil's about to say something'

I noticed some dumb little flowers poking out of the ground this past freakin’ weekend, and I thought about one thing: NHL PLAYOFFS. Thanks, flowers! Sorry you’re all probably frozen to death now. It’s actually your fault for being tricked by that January sunblast, though. But, anyways, T-Bone and his HDBFFz are so excited for the coming of Spring and the thawing of Lord Stanley’s cup from the secret, sacred glacier-cavern in Northern Ontario that we’ve decided to take our show on the road! To Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania! To find out exactly when Spring is going to begin! Based on what the groundhogg (Punxsutawney Philip) tells us. That’s right, another TB&theHDz exclusive: we’ll be rappin’ with America’s #1 psychic groundhogg to find out not only when Spring is comin’, but who all’s gonna be washin’ babies and eatin’ gravy out of that fancy silver bowl come summertime.

But that won’t be for another couple of days. So, in the meantime, I’ll use my human powers of conjecture and prejudice to explore how the playoff picture is shaping up. Continue reading

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Fighting A Bear Has Never Been Easy

Yeah, it’s been a highly-entertaining NHL season so far. We’ve had our share of surprises and there’s still plenty more hockey to play yet. But let’s be real, gang: the Eastern Conference playoff bracket is shaping up to be a bit of a stinker. I mean, the Boston Bruins are looking redoubtable, indomitable, indefatigable, and sometimes all three at the exact same time. Now they’re just getting all smug about it. And to make matters worse, a lot of the East’s big doggz, shining stars, and rude dudes with ‘tudes are on the shelf  like your grandma’s tchochkes. While the teams in the Western US and Canada probably know a thing or two about killing bears, the EST boys are in a heap of trouble. Unless, of course, they do exactly as I say: Continue reading

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The Divisions They Are A-Changin’

After a few months of hawt nerdly debate, the NHL has decided to realign its divisional format in favor of a new four-conference system. Goddamn, that started to get boring. To be honest with you, my little Meatheads and Hockey Horndogs, this whole business is like when you want to play Monopoly but then someone starts explaining the rules, like all the rules, and, you know, Christ. I just wanted to move the thimble around the board…

Well, the NHL had a few wrinkles to iron out and we all know that ironing is no fun. Ya’ll have seen my rumpled cardigans. So here is what we think you need to know: Continue reading

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