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T-bone and the Hockey Doggz Podcast Episode 2: Recap, Mailbag, and America

T-bone and the Hockey Doggz - Moonpie

T-bone and the Hockey Doggz – Moonpie

Hello Everyone!

The stars aligned yesterday and T-bone and the Hockey Doggz were able to confer and discuss the NHL.  While we were talking, T-bone got his wish of a goalie fight and he didn’t even know it.  Can you believe there was a goalie scoring a goal and a goalie fight within 2 weeks of each other?! I can’t! Here’s some other stuff we talked about:

  • Who’s the worst?
  • League leaders
  • Health care for Guamainians
  • Funnest blog online
  • T-bone and the Hockey Doggz Mailbag Reading Time
  • Fighting or not fighting
  • Reflections on Sergei Varlamov, accused felon
  • Predicting the future with hockey cards

So listen to the p-cast, have fun, and try not to pay too much attention to Dad who tries to ruin it.  Follow us on twitter @tbonehockeydogz or send us an e-mail at tboneandthehockeydoggz@gmail.com.  AND you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes here. WOOOOOOOO!

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Slim ‘Pic’ins

Last night in their 5-4 loss to the New Jersey Devils, Blair Jones recorded his second point of the season scoring a goal for the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Yippee…The real story here is that the Lightning sell what appear to be Velour jackets to the Tampa Bay area coke bosses.  I really hope they sell it as a jumpsuit.

Time away from Baltimore has been good for 'The Greek'

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# 1 [Nose] Pick

Fresh off his 4 goal showing in Dallas on Saturday, Matt Moulson had another strong game last night as the Islanders beat the Tampa Bay Lightning and won their unprecedented 2nd game in a row.  Here we see him going for what another New Yorker, Jerry Seinfeld, dubbed ‘The Pick‘.  He must have forgotten he was wearing a giant glove.

How else are you supposed to get boogers out of your nose?

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