T-Bone and the Hockey Doggz no.3: Coaches, Logos, and How to get Booze into a Stadium

Here’s the brand new podcast, fresh out tha box.  Recorded yesterday (December 1st, 2011) in this episode we discuss the recent coach firings and hirings, the best logos and jerseys, and the pressing question of how to get booze into a game.  Questions, comments, concerns?  We wanna hear what you have to say, so post a comment or send us an e-mail if you’re shy!  Enjoy!

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T-Bone and the Hockey Doggz no.2

Hello to all you T-Boners and Hockey Pups out there.  This is the most recent podcast recorded on November 8th.  In it we talk about NHL teams that suck, NHL teams that are good, and surprising teams.  There’s also a play-by-play unveiling of a 1990/91 NHL Pro Set Series II hockey card pack with a bit of a surprise in it itself!  We hope you all enjoy and please feel free to let us know if/when we are wrong and if/when we are right.

These pictures will make a lot more sense when you listen to tha podcast:

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